After 18 years serving San Jose del Cabo as a local favorite in Plaza Mission we are excited and grateful for our new beginning and opportunity in the beautiful courtyard of El Encanto Inn and Suites. 

Meet the chef


Born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, Tadd had a passion for food from a very young age! After years of study and training in Canada he moved to Mexico at the age of 20 to open his first restaurant, The Tulip Tree. After 25 years in San Jose del Cabo Chef Tadd is a pillar among both the local and Mexican Chef scene, often times representing Mexico in both Canada and the USA. Today, Chef Tadd is involved in 2 iconic culinary projects, Habaneros restaurant and Baja Luna Farm where divides his time. At Habaneros Tadd has been able to express his Mexican Fusion style with a focus on fresh seafood and mesquite grill.

About Restaurant

Located in the Historic San Jose del Cabo Art District, Habaneros is tucked away in the beautiful courtyard behind the El Encanto Suites. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner, enjoy fresh and creative cuisine, innovative cocktails and live music in the evenings. Don’t miss out Sunday brunch featuring paella, grilled foods, ceviches, eggs, pancakes and much more. 

Our History

Originally conceived and opened in fall of 2004 by Chef Tadd Chapman,  when he coined the term and gave birth to Mexican Fusion cuisine. Tadd was later joined by his Mom a couple years later and together developed Habaneros into one of San Jose del Cabo’s iconic must try restaurants. In 2020 Tadd and his mom were joined by good friends Miguel Guerrero and Jenny Urias and made the move to Downtown San Jose behind El Encanto Inn. Unfortunately Miguel left us in May as he succumb to the pandemic, we continue in his honor. 

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Jenna Johnson / Barista
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Jenna Johnson / Barista
“Each time that we eat, we make a choice: We decide where our food comes from, how it was sourced, how it was grown. Thru this choice we vote, we sponsor better practices or not. We sponsor practices that work with our ecosystems or that destroy them"
Tadd Champann