The famous taco, know worldwide, adapted even to different culture and customs, has become part of the daily life of many people when it comes to eating. This typical Mexican food is basically composed of two elements: a corn or flour tortilla and a stew that can be pork, meat, vegetables, seafood and many other delicious combinations.

There are many versions regarding the question “where does its name come from?” And one of the most frequent versions or answers is the one that says it comes from the Nahuatl “Tlahco” with means “in the middle” referring to its shape.In addition and in this context the affix “talk” has a strong relationship with the corn culture and the action of eating.

– Tlaqualitzi: Action of eating.
– Tlaqualizpan: Time to eat.
– Tlaqualli: Everything to eat, plate, vianda

And from here and through time all these words have probably been reduced to refer to a particular dish: The Taco. The beginnings of the taco go back to pre-hispanic times, when women used the taco as a simple way to keep and send food to the men who worked in the fields for long days.

On the other hand, if we consider that the birth of the taco was on a par with the tortilla, the origins of this food could date back to the first traces of nixtamalized corn that are located in the Olmec zone of pre-Hispanic Mexico.

Curious facts:

  • The taco was considered during the colony and until the beginning of the revolution a food for the lower classes.
  • The revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, it is said, fed tacos to his horse.
  • In 1918 taquerias were no longer considered informal commerce.
  • Due to the high demand for this food, Fausto Celorio invented the tortilla machine in 1947, revolutionizing Mexican food.
  • October 4th is celebrated as “National Taco Day”, in the United States the story goes that this celebration was created by an international food chain (Taco Bell), although its culinary proposal is far from what we all know as a real taco, this Mexican snack also has its day.
  • The first tequila of which there is record is one in which Hernan Cortes and his captains of Coyoacan were in Tenochtitlan.
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