“Happy Thanksgiving Canadá”

Probably the most famous thanksgiving celebration is in The United States , but Canadá also has its own thanksgiving celebration and it does it in a big way.
Although they share the same name, the canadian holiday has a different origin and is celebrated on a different date.
The important thing is to share with family, give thanks , reflect and enjoy a delicious turkey among other traditional recipes.
Canadian thanksgiving commemorates the arrival of the english explorer Martin Frobisher to Terranova in 1578, more than 40 years before the meeting between the native americans  and the pilgrims that motivated the american celebration.
The first European Union Thanksgiving was celebrated in Massachusetts in 1961 thanks to native americans helping the pilgrims obtain food.
The current date of celebration is the second monday of October.
This 2021 Habanero’s Restaurant celebrated this special date with all our friends, the was amazing and more are coming!!!
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